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  • JANUARY 27TH, 2023

    5PM – 7PM


    Need something to do after NADA, but before your night out? Pre-game with the Automotive Punks. Grab some delicious tapas, and Spanish wine with some punk af company.


    JANUARY 28TH, 2023

    5PM – 7PM


    Open bar and food. Need we say more? Fine. Free game-play too. Come knock them down and drive them in with the Automotive Punk crew.

  • NADA

    JANUARY 26 – 29TH


    The Automotive Punks will be walking the floor, trying to meet as many of you possible. So if you see a punk, stop a punk (headshots below).




    VP of Strategy

    When Eric is not disc golfing in his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, he can often be found in the kitchen… preparing extravagant dishes like Macaroni and Cheese or Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches for his family.

    Eric first became a father while attending the University of Kansas, where he graduated summa cum laude and first in his class from the School of Business, studying Marketing and Statistics.  It was also during his time at school that he started his web publishing business, which he sold some years later to join the rat race in the corporate world.

    Giroux has 15-ish years of experience working in software development, with the latter half of that time spent focused on the discipline of Product Management.  Serving as a product leader in the automotive industry – and then later in financial technology – Eric now wears figurative training wheels as he applies his acumen to his role as VP of Strategy… where he couldn’t be happier to work with his longtime friends and all the genuinely great people at Lincoln Labs.


    Director of Digital

    An avid outdoorsman. A diehard Packers fan. A Chevy truck owner. A Busch Light beer drinker, Calvin Krusick is what many would call a true Wisconsin boy. When he’s not cheering for his favorite WI teams or spending time away from his fiance’ in the woods, he’s knee deep in product development, data and digital marketing. 

    Calvin has spent most of his career leading teams and building impressive digital marketing campaigns. Over the past 10 years, Calvin has worked with hundreds of clients with marketing budgets ranging from $500 to $300k/month. He’s also managed and assembled teams from the ground up, helped lead the charge on many new product development projects, built thousands of reports and much more. His expertise in PPC, Analytics and Product is up there with the best of them.  

    Currently, Calvin is still celebrating the latest Packers win (unless it’s the playoffs, then definitely mourning a heart-breaking loss). He also is the Director of Digital at Lincoln Labs.


    Managing Partner

    Growing up in Mark Twain’s hometown of Hannibal, Missouri Julia had a Tom Sawyer like childhood running around with her siblings and adventuring in a small town. She grew up playing any and all sports she could, and started her career at Martin’s True Value Hardware where she learned a great foundation of being a hardworking, loyal and dependable employee. 

    She studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Columbia College where she learned from and was supported by the tireless educator turned mentor, Dr. Liow. Her four years at Columbia College were some of the most rigorous years of her life. She ran cross country, indoor track and outdoor track and spent all of her other time in either Dr. Liow’s office or the Stafford Library working through programming challenges. 

    After graduation, she spent a few years in Chicago working for an analytics consulting firm which eventually led to her becoming a data engineer at a startup in New York City called WorkMarket. At WorkMarket, she grew professionally and loved the startup experience filled with amazing camaraderie and a lot of ping pong. Her career pivoted into product management right as WorkMarket was acquired by ADP in 2018.

    Mid-pandemic, she was offered an opportunity to join Lincoln Labs where she is the Managing partner of Truss and Accomplice. Being back in the midwest, she feels truly at home and was able to bring back some lessons learned out east to contribute to the growth and success of the labs she gets to work on.


    Managing Partner

    Wes grew up around cars in the family business and has developed his digital skills in over a decade in automotive. The result is a formidable auto-marketing repertoire built from experience. 

    While he’s cutting-edge on digital, his automotive passion remains stuck in the 90s as he has owned far too many Cavaliers and Sunbirds, and has even raced some of these Chevys on the dirt tracks of Wisconsin. 

    He’s also passing his passion for auto onto his two sons – while his wife remains a work in progress. 

    Wes currently oversees the Civille and Phantom Copy brands as Managing Partner.



    Chance has spent the last 12+ years in sales and sales leadership within the automotive SaaS space. He’s spent most of that time helping dealers understand the nuances of the industry-wide shift to selling cars online, and how important it is they do the same if they want to remain relevant. Today, he leads Carfluent — a product that adds bilingual jet fuel to dealership websites.


    Founder + CEO

    Eric is the eternally optimistic serial entrepreneur of our team. He enjoys at its core a good life or business challenge and the camaraderie that comes taking them on with friends and teammates. 

    Whether it’s saying yes to running his first half marathon the night before the race or traveling from Wisconsin to Costa Rica 3 times by land or taking people night skiing who had never skied before.

    University of San Diego Alum with degrees in French and Finance he was fortunate and found himself in the right place and right time. California. Dot com Boom Circa 1999. An entry level tech support role at Sitematic, a WYSIWYG website builder platform and the rest was history. The Tech Space had called him. We’ll skip the 10 years of cold calling and struggling to convince people they actually could benefit from building a digital presence:P

    Wanderlusting, Shoploulou, Neleven all meandered him down a path that ultimately led founding DealerFire, an Automotive Tech Platform. A seven-year hard run ensued where he would meet his former accomplice and present partner, Farrukh.. Exited the business in 2015.

    Got married to his longtime partner Kristen that Spring and have since had two lovely kids Samuel and Lucy.

    Finally, through the years he has been growing a portfolio of adaptive reuse commercial and residential properties found at BlackTeak and Rise & Grind as well as supporting/evangelizing his wife Kristen Hoopman’s new ventures The Elsewhere Collection + The Gibson Social Club.

    Together they enjoy the process of creating something new.


    Director of Business Development

    With the coolest last name of the Lincoln Labs team, and one perfect for a sales role, Paul (P.J.) Cashman leads the sales and business development arm for our labs. 

    Paul graduated in 2010 from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a degree in Journalism and Advertising and immediately got a job at a tech start up in the automotive industry- DealerFire. He worked in various roles there before finding his niche in sales and eventually led the entire DealerFire sales team once the company was acquired. 

    With a quiet demeanor and style, Paul has built up a great network of former colleagues, customers and friends in the automotive industry. 

    Paul enjoys craft beers and cocktails, cooking, trying new restaurants, spending time on the lake and various outdoor pursuits. 



    Director of Business Development lincoln labs

    Founder + CEO lincoln labs

    CEO carfluent

    Managing Partner phantom copy

    Managing Partner Truss

    Director of Digital phantom copy

    VP of Strategy lincoln labs

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